shift your curveAll right, you are getting results today. Your strategy is in place, but when you look at performance you see areas for improvement. You could be losing . . . $1,000 a day? $10,000 a day? $1,000,000 per year? or Millions when you sell your business?

Business Growth Strategy believes that business model innovation must be driven by outcome objectives. However, the process by which you achieve your outcome objectives is just as important. In order to continuously improve your business model you need a proven business improvement process that ensures success.

It's a fact that most businesses are made up of average people and processes. We often have a few great performers and a few poor performers. They tend to balance each other out to make an average business. Many businesses get trapped in being average. Average is a state where we are comfortable, and maybe even satisfied. But in reality it's a state where we know we can do better. Getting to the next level has challenges we may not understand or be willing to tackle on our own, so apathy sets in while our competition moves on.

Let's assume that Figure 1 shows the typical performance distribution of a particular area of your business (e.g. leaders, employees, processes, customers, offerings, etc.). There is that big bulge in the middle that could contribute more. Now, think of the huge impact if the middle performed more like the to the right. Your performance will sky rocket if you move just a few of the middle to become . What would it mean to your performance if the graph looked more like Figure 2?

When you build a great business for unpredictable times, you will have an outstanding business when the good times return. To build a great business in unpredictable times is no different than in good times; except that, in unpredictable times, your challenges are more intense. We recommend you focus on three top down driven initiatives to produce greater results.

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