Most business owners do not think about exit planning, selling their business, or targeting a buyer until they near retirement or some other life event forces them to get prepared. Richard Jackim in his book "The $10 Trillion Opportunity", notes that over 90 million baby boomers will be retiring over the next 20 years. Many of these individuals are owners of businesses that will require an exit transition as part of this social change.

Not having an exit strategy can drastically affect the transfer and value of your business. In most cases businesses without an exit plan will be significantly undervalued at the time of sale. If the owner is suddenly incapacitated or worse dies without a plan, the business can become a burden to the family and result in a "fire sale" leaving the family with minimal value or a high tax burden.

We can help stage your company for an exit

  • Cleaning up under performing elements
  • Documenting the future potential in a solid business plan
  • Strengthening your leadership team and employment agreements
  • Focusing your sales and marketing team and programs
  • Documenting your processes, systems and procedures

We can help identify potential buyers for your business

  • Researching the market for most likely buyers
  • Preparing the sales story and board presentations
  • Packaging a teaser and offering memorandum
  • Supporting due diligence

We can help your buyer through the transition phase

  • Developing an operational integration plan
  • Clarifying transition dilemmas and issues
  • Preparing the PR and combined company story

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