Every business has lazy assets. Why not reactivate them and turn them into value creating assets? Underutilized assets have no ROI... how about yours? You need to find these hidden gems, polish them up, and make them shine, and generate profit! In these tough economic times who can afford to spend more on R&D when they have assets that can generate income now with little, if any, investment.

What we do?

We help you see overlooked opportunities, hidden assets (both tangible and intangible), and under-performing areas of a business no one else recognizes. Our depth and breadth of empirical experience in product marketing, corporate development, business development, sales, acquisition & mergers, investment, technology, operational management and multiple business successes, provide the vital background to uncover hidden opportunities and ready them for execution excellence.

These above experience and the ability to think "Outside the Box" are the prime attributes required to add new life and strategic vision to a company that is struggling, or one that needs to redefine or better distinguish itself in the marketplace.

Classic examples of lazy assets include:

  • Intellectual Property that has been created by the business
  • Customer Order Data that has never been mined for business intelligence
  • Partner Relationships that haven't been examined for business extensions
  • Products that could be leveraging service revenue
  • Product (or Services) that could be packaged with other products (or services) to create a unique offering
  • Assets that could be contributed to form an alliance

lazy assets imageIdentifying these hidden or lazy assets requires a careful inspection of all aspects of your business model. In addition, it requires that you consider opportunities for value innovation that may be possible from making better use of these lazy assets.

In addition, you may need to identify opportunities to create new assets by combining existing lazy assets or by developing new assets from processes and procedures that already exist or that require optimization. For example, you may be able to dramatically increase the value of a lazy asset (say your customer data base) by gathering additional segmentation information during routine customer interactions.

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