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Growth Assessment

business-growth Our Growth Assessment program is focused on understanding where you growth has come from and why, what potential there is for new growth in existing markets, new markets and with new partners, products and solutions.

In addition, you will look at growth inhibitors.  Growth inhibitors can be misaligned expectations of your organization, unclear value being offered in the market or dilemmas, blinders, shackles and dogmas that are constraining growth.

Also, you will look at your positioning, measure your value, customer satisfaction and identify any unmet needs of you market.  We will look at sales and marketing campaigns that can be executed to sell more products to existing and new customers, examine alternative channels, and identify new products for existing and new customers.  Last you will look at the existing business model for margin improvements and validate the sales model is not obsolete.

The outcome objective of this program is to understand what has/is driving growth and what are the growth inhibiting dynamics.

Key Project Deliverables

  • Growth Potential Assessment
  • Growth Inhibitor Assessment
  • Positioning and Value Assessment
  • Business Model Assessment
  • Organization and Execution Assessment

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