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Our business advisory team of highly qualified and innovative professionals understands owner operated, investor owned and public companies. Our staff can provide a range of advisory or program management consulting services that identify new business opportunities and optimize realizable revenue and profit.

Steve Kirchoff

Steve Kirchoff, Partner

Steve works with clients to identify new business opportunities, unmet market needs and optimize revenue and profit performance across may industry sectors. Steve is a former President and CEO with vast experience in creating new businesses, business development and optimizing existing businesses revenue and profit. Steve was the President of Fujitsu Consulting, has worked as a turnaround and crisis executive, and VP of Strategy and Marketing for Compaq/HP and other companies.



Tom Camp

Tom Camp, Partner

Tom brings experience in identifying new business opportunities, unmet market needs, turning them into strategies for improved operations, corporate expansion and partnerships. As an operations executive he knows the importance of aligning a company's end-to-end operations. As an investor he also understands the difference that the right partnership can make to a growing business and how to optimize relationship value.